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Is an Irish member of a Mexican, sometimes hispanic, gang. It's also a McSpic gang member. Mc stands for their Irish blood of which Mc and Mic are common in place in last names. It is linked to the slur and nickname Mick. Termpaper is a more hilarious way to call someone an ese. It comes from the word essay which is an other word for a term paper. Ese which is often used to signify a Mexican gang member is pronounced the same as the academic essay.
Joe: Look at this McSpic right here. Rollin' with the Vatos.
John: Yeah, He's a dumb ass McTermpaper.
Jack: Termpaper?
Joe: Yeah, like an Essay, or an Ese.
John: Yeah Stupid.
Jack: I didn't know.
by Jim R. O'Mike January 05, 2010
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