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This sandwich is a creation of the McDonald's Dollar Menu in a similar spirit to the McGangBang.

Step One: Order 6 McDoubles.

-> Note: Double Cheeseburgers may be used instead if extra cheese is desired but they are more expensive and not on the dollar menu.

Step Two: Unwrap the sandwiches.

Step Three: Take one sandwich and open it so that there is one patty in each half.

Step Four: Place two sandwiches within the opened sandwich and close.

Step Five: Repeat Steps Three and Four for the remaining three McDoubles.


By following this procedure, you have created two large sandwiches each with six patties. The term "box cars" which refers to throwing double sixes in Craps inspired the name "McRapeTrain" since you have created 2 six-patty sandwiches.
Art Vandelay: Why do they call it the McRapeTrain?

McDonald's Expert: Because you get 2 sandwiches each with six patties. It's like the term "box cars" from Craps. The locomotive reference brings in the word "train."

Art Vandelay: Then where does the "rape" come from?

McDonald's Expert: You try eating one and tell me how you feel afterward.

Art Vandelay: Touche. That sandwich is one fine piece of architecture - of course, I should know. Have you seen the new addition to the Guggenheim?
by art-vandelay November 07, 2010
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