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McLane is a high school in Fresno California, which was named after some guy back in the day. It has your usual: jocks, preps, emos, "normals?", and just plain "wierdos". The school is mainly mexicans, blacks, asians, and the monority whites. You have your typical Fresno cheer: fat Mexican chicks and one skinny white girl. McLane and football is a no. They really don't win. Ever. As for other sports? Whatever, they suck too. The classrooms are really small, except for the classrooms BY the parking lot. The ones ON the parking lot are just trailers, and suck in the winter time. Its not the high school you want to go to. Just stick with Clovis school, or Hoover or Bullard if you to stick with Fresno. The only good thing, all the schools were jelous of the colors: black, white, and red. McLane's mascots were the Highlander guy and Scotty Dog. McLane for all rallies had Highlander dancers and Scotty Dog dance. They have magnet programs, and now Freshmen are forced into a "freshman program" and have longer classes than the other years. Theres a medical magnet, a art venture program, and some others. These are the only cool ones. With medical though, be warned, you will dissect cats for a few months. And they stink. Really gross. All and all McLane sucked, but just make the best out what you can. Good Luck.
mclane fresno highlander medical magnet mclane high school
by youllneverknowwhopostedthis January 08, 2011
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