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After heavy recreational consumption of McDonalds (upwards of one Extra Value Meal and free Cheeseburger or 6 fl. oz. McNugget per pint of blood), users experience a 20 to 30 minute strong sugar rush (or 'high') followed by a feeling of depression and regret. Other side effects include:


Some users choose to counter the effects of the McK-hole by taking more of the drug. However these practices, while effective among some users, are not recommended by doctors.

Despite the meagre high and short trip, users will often find themselves relapsing into another McK-hole several days later, with similar consequences.
Bill hasn't moved for ages, I think he might be dead
Nah don't worry, hes just had two Big Macs, hes in a huge McK-hole

Im so baked right now
Ha ha yeh, lets go get some Maccy Ds
I cant believe I just did 8 McMuffins, im coming up so hard
Mate watch out for the McK-hole
by kicks66 November 09, 2010
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