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A person of Irish and Italian decent. Typically 50% Irish and 50% Italian. Known more as a derogatory term, or joke depending on the context of the statement. Folks with mixed Italian-Irish can be found predominately on the East Coast, with larger groups congregating in the Tri-state area (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, etc). Also "McGuido" comes from merging the word "Mc" (a derogatory term for Irish folks in the early 20th century) and "Guido" (a derogatory term for Italian descent males that frequent nightclubs in the vain hopes of picking up women, they are also obnoxious among other things).
"Dude, isn't your Mom Italian and you Dad Irish?"
"Yea man, I'm a McGuido."
by Goove87 December 04, 2009
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