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A term used to describe a highly volatile dangerous situation (a fast food resturant where a signature item that is highly promoted is unaccessable to the consumer, despite the popularity of the meal) that requires immediate remedial action- such as the use of an emergency hotline, like 911. When presented with a situation such as this, the McGangsta will react with anger and hostility, due to the establishment's failure to serve and will contact authorities to report this emergency.
It is a term/ action one uses when an establishment cannot serve their food properly, which results in McGangsta's ignorance, improper use of an emergency line, and a few days in the lock up.
employee: "hi. can i help you."

K'Mark'Tina: " i needs me a 9 piece mc nugget mealz, fo me n my 19 kids to eatz."

employee: "we don't have any mc nuggets."

K'Mark'Tina: "WUT U SAY?!?! U AINT GOT NO WUT??. o HELL nah. i'm bout ready to get MCGANGSTA up in here! sheeeeet. THIS IS A EMERGENCEE!! i callin the po-lice up in here! i needz my mc nugget! 911!!! 911!!"

employee: "maam, that wont be necessary, we have plenty of other items...."

K'Mark'Tina: "SHUT YO MOUTH HONKEY!!! I'M GETTIN MCGANGSTA on stoopid ass"
by SiLLyWhYtEGiRL March 23, 2009
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