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Requirements to pull The McDrift:
-A friend that works at Macdonalds
-A car (Real Wheel Drive is required, unless you're a drifting beast)

How to pull The McDrift
-Go up to a drive through asking for a small fries, and a $1 burger, or whatever else you want a multiple of (1 water cup can mean 3 large sodas) , pay no more than what you feel you want to pay.

-Give amount required for purchased food.

-Claim your 7 burgers, 3 fries, 2 large sodas, and whatever else you asked for.

-Pin it.
-Rip the E-Break.
-Dump clutch.
(By now you should have initiated the drift.)
-Countersteer while leadfooting the throttle to maintain traction loss.
-Make like a tree and get the fuck out with your $20+ worth of free food.

You have just pulled The McDrift.

There are many variations of The McDrift, such as the

-The Driftco Bell
-The Drift in the Box
-The Drift 'n' Out
-The Burger Drift
-The 5 Guys Driftin' 'n' Fries
-The Carls Driftr.
-The El Pollo Drifto
-The Del Drifto
-The Drift-fil-A
-The Driftotle
-The Drifty's
-The Drift Express
-The Dairy Drift
-The Red Driftin
-The Driftnos
Wanna go to Macdonalds?

No, we don't have enough money.

Don't worry, I'm gonna pull The McDrift.
by Dithrain March 27, 2011
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