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A term used in consideration when labelling someone as being sleazy, slutty, whore-ish. The term applies to the male only.
God, that guy has hit on everyone tonight, what a McCutchan.

Urgh, get your hands off me, what are you? A McCutchan?!

He dumped me, and is now going out with my best friend and he cheated on her while we were together, he's the biggest McCutchan!
by h4x0rZ FoR SaLe December 28, 2009
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Cruel people who answer the phone with annoying jokes.
"Mccutchan morgue you stab'em will slab'em."
"911 whats your emergency?"
"Mccutchan abortion clinic, you rape'em, will scrape'em"
"Alcoholics anonymous, hang on let me put the bottle down"
"Ugly convention center, Frankenstein speaking"
"Oh my God, the voices are here again"
"Pleasure center, what tickles you?"
"City Morgue here, John Doe speaking"
by Some_One0_0 March 20, 2014
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