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Term for mass produced bicycles as most are made by Giant Bicycles in Taiwan no matter what the brand. Trek, a company that built all their bicycles in America in the mid 1990s, is by far the biggest rebrander of bikes built by Giant. This method of globalization can even be seen on some very expensive Italian bikes like Colnago, Pinarello and Bianchi. When it's is pointed out that they are made in Taiwan many say so what? They seem clueless to the fact that these companies are charging Italian prices for Taiwanese goods. Many Italian companies will call their McBikes "Made in Italy" if they are only painted there or even checked for quality control in Italy.
poser dude: Check out my new Colnago.

Some Fred on a 20 year old Raleigh: Yeah nice McBike, they make those in Taiwan.

poser dude: McBike! Fuck you, This bike was Made in Italy by Elves and cost 5000 bucks Loser!
by Technium 460 August 26, 2007
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