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A delightful treat made buy putting a McChicken in between the two patties of a McDouble. This sandwich originated in the small town of Port Saint John Florida.The total for this is $2.12 it can be made better by adding the claws (small fries) throughout the sandwich.
This McBear is the most delicious thing my mouth has ever had the pleasure to taste!
by AardvarkDeluxe January 22, 2011
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A fan-made McDonalds concoction, it is also called a McMiracle which is made by putting a McChicken between the two patties of a McDouble, this name is most commonly known in a small town in Florida, but is still a valid name for the combination. The total price of this would be about $2.12
I went to McDonalds and got myself a McBear and a sweet tea, it was so good, and it only cost like, three dollars!
by Thatonedudefromport September 06, 2010
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