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1. A McDonald's inspired sandwich comprised of 1 McDouble and 1 McChicken. The McChicken goes in between the McDouble "meat" patties. Mayonnaise is an essential feature of McBangBang.

2. The lovechild of a McDonald's McDouble and a McChicken. The McBangBang is created by putting the McChicken beteeen the two patties of the McDouble. This creation can be best enjoyed in an eat off. In order for the eat off competition to be valid all condiments must be included on the sandwich. The most traditional eat off includes two McBangBangs, a drink, and a yogurt parfait. The current record is 7 mins and 30 seconds for the full competition, but without mayo the record is 6 minutes and 39 seconds which unfortunately is an invalid time.
Ma'am I would like to order two McBangBangs and a yogurt parfait.
by The Hungry Hustler January 23, 2010
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