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The belief that Ronald McDonald is the Anti Christ mentioned in the bible, and has come to enslave, and ultimately destroy, the world. Comes from an interpretation of the Book of Revelations 24:1-8:

'And lo I beheld a most foul and evil abomination, greater than all others. He did sit on a throne of crimson and gold, and two curves of beaten gold did stretch above his head. His hair and mouth were stained scarlet with the blood of the righteous, and he did smirk greatly at his wickedness. He did deceive the people with his guile, that they erected his image in all corners of the earth, and nowhere was free from his evil. He led astray the children of the faithful, that they worshipped him and became bloated with corruption, and his power did grow until he ruled a great empire.'
The McAntiChrist belief was given more credibility when it was revealed McDonald's makes its staff burn sticks of incense to statues of Ronald McDonald before they start work.
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