The most captivating woman you will ever meet. Everything about her is perfect. She's sophisticated, elegant, sweet, caring, and tells funny jokes. Occasionally she will forget to poor you sake, but that's okay because she skis like the wind.
Chef#1: "How come that man's glass is empty?"
Chef#2: "His girlfriend is pulling a Mayumi".
by fancy-san February 7, 2010
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Sexy, cute and extremely good looking. She might seems out of reach beacuse she's perfect in every way but she is someone you can talk to with ease.
Wow, it's Mayumi. Go and talk to her.
by Melellel October 25, 2017
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Perfect name for Filipinos/nas who appreciate Japanese culture because it has a meaning in Filipino and Japanese. Means "elegant, bow, truth, spindle tree" in Japanese, while in Filipino it means "lady-like, demure, modest and sophisticated woman or lady."
Mayumi, she so shy but she's so pretty and elegant looking.
by lawlietea October 3, 2022
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mayumi is the best person in the world. She is absolutely gorgeous and the best friend in the world. She is a girly geeky popular gal who always is good to herself. She always lends a hand and loves music and poetry. Usually, a Taurus and can sing. Very passionate for her culture and she is in love with films and shows. You would be a lucky person if you meet one.
Boy : This girl is so cute she is such a Mayumi
by #M_M_D January 24, 2018
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