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She is fun loving, optimistic cute girl, who tends to brighten peoples day in more ways than one. She strives to help others and reach her own goals but, she tends to get through tough times. Nonetheless, she is strong enough to power through. Although she is sassy as she is the sass queen, and tends to get real sassy, I mean real sassy if you leave her on read or argue with her. Specifically on snapchat.
Hey its Mayukha, the Sass Queen !
by Mokhlin June 13, 2018
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Mayukha is an amazing friend. She has lots of funny stories to tell you, and she’ll laugh at anything and everything. She’s extremely likable and can make friends with every soul imaginable. She always looks for the best in people and she always finds it.

Mayukha loves to read. She cares about her friends and family more than anything else, even books. Mayukha often doesn’t do crushes, she just loves to read about them. Mayukha for some reason is always interested in her friends’ love lives but they’re not allowed to be interested in hers.

If you ever find a Mayukha, never let her go. She may actually be too nice and trusting for her own good. Always protect her and love her, no matter what happens. She’ll always care about you.
Person 1: OMG I heard Mayukha likes someone!!

Person 2: Impossible. She’s too busy reading all the time to notice the ugly guys in our school.

Person 1: That’s an oof.
by sarayay4468 April 26, 2019
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