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Sun-baked mayonnaise created in the terracotta's of Italy. Mayonnaise is laid in strips on flat Italian-made stone and left to bake in the sun until they reach a hard, crisp state. The mayonnaise sticks are then put through a grinder until they are milled to a extremely fine powder. The powder is used for fine cuisine and is not well-known to many people because of the oddity and uniqueness of the "spice". Some people prefer to not call Mayspice an actual "spice", but to call it a "dusting powder" to perk up the flavor of many foods.

Mayspice is not often found in any grocery stores and is usually ordered online for residents outside of rural towns and villages in Italy. The powder and substance itself was created by Mario Esposito, a man who's daughter was unable to stomach the paste-like form of actually mayonnaise. The powder was the only alternative and was a way to evenly spread mayonnaise without over-using.

It's used for people who like flavor and are on diets or weight-loss programs. Mayspice is very hard to find.
I like to sprinkle Mayspice on my food instead of using a mayonnaise spread because it's less fattening.
by Mario Mayspice July 10, 2011
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