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Arguably one of the greatest, beautiful looking ( but I mean REAAAAL GOOD LOOKING) people that I have ever met, and not to mention, along with the beautiful looks, she is one the smartest individuals on this Earth!

She is a young woman of many names, but she likes going by the name, Tiger, CMT (short for Chocolate Milk Thug, but everyone knows that Strawberry Milk is much, much better), and last but not least, Whitey.

Her hobbies include tacos, burritos, shopping on Amazon, Tumblr, reading on her Kindle, posting things on Tumblr, shoplifting (though I do not approve) did I mention Tumblr?, and just being badass in everything that she does!

She has a deep love for Pandas which everyone knows are ONLY compatible with Tigers.
You know Mayra (Tygerr), like... you don't even know!!!
by panda-tiger91 March 16, 2011
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