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A high school in Caledon Ontario where the sluts run free and the students are higher then their grades. Where the caf is filled with wild animals. Where half of the population walks to tims. Where certain girls give head in and around the recreation center, right shit in the bathroom stalls and make hot or not lists. Where there are a lot of jocks who are ass holes. Where you may hear "Fetch" in the hall. Where highschool movie cliques come to life in their stereotypical state. School that includes the regional arts program.

Most of the dancers are stuck up snobs and are too self absorbed to notice anything around them. They all talk shit about every other dancer behind each others back like ass holes.

Drama kids.... most are really cool and nice but some are also ass holes. They are actually pretty fun.

Art kids......these are the nice ones most are quiet and sweet. They are the kind of friends you want to have.

Music kids.....mix of everything. Some are super nice but then others and super stuck up and annoying.

Boundry Kids range from super sweet to ass holes. So get used to it.
"Dude, do you go to Mayfield Secondary School?".

"Ew, she gave head at the rec."
by smokeajeffrey February 03, 2013
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