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A popular party drinking ritual using a beer bong. The Mayan Beer Bong in its most common form consists of the partyer dropping their pants, inserting the beer bong tube into their anus, and proceeding to pour beer into the beer bong to achieve inebration rectally.

The Mayan Beer Bong is so named for the mesoamerican civization famous for their astronomical calendar, and infamous for pouring weird liquids into their butt to get fucked up. Cortez was once quoted as saying "Ew dude, gross".

The Mayan Beer Bong is popular amongst college kids, and may have originated at Washington University in St. Louis. Those guys are fucked up. The Mayan Beer Bong has gained notoriety in recent years due to the fatalities resulting from the act. The rectal consumption of alcohol leads to much faster absorption of alcohol, and as a result, a higher risk of alcohol poisoning. People also die from projectile vomiting their kidneys while watching that drunk ugly chick from chem lab pour beer into her butt.
"Bro, did you hear what Ted did last night"?
"Naw bro, what did Ted do"?
"Bro, he did a Mayan Beer Bong".
"Awesome, bro"!
"Naw bro, Ted is dead".

"Uh-oh bro. That one's not for drinking. That one's for Mayan Beer Bongs"...

"I went to go visit Wash U and some guy showed me how to do a Mayan Beer Bong, screamed "SIGEPIC"!!, then proceeded to fuck a hot girl in the middle of the quad. I found out later that he was their dean. Wow those fucks party hard".
by MayanBeerBong33 April 10, 2009
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