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Maya Mason aka Mya Mason, is the waifish, African American, porn princess; who was throat gagged, sodomized, and forcefully tricked into drinking a bellyful of the very old Max Steiner aka Max Hardcore’s urine. In the scene Maya Mason is being "throat gagged" by Max Hardcore when he pauses begins straining and then he urinates down her throat. She breaks down and starts crying and fighting back until the scene is stopped; but after further enthusiastic discussion of the scene (and the contract she signed) she willingly continues (although she continues to sob as she is sodomized) until her anus is gaping & hanging open like a tired hound dogs mouth and she finishes the scene by swallowing his "money shot". This is one of the most shocking, disgraceful, introductions to hardcore porn ever caught on camera or released to the public.

Now this incident is something Maya doesn’t brag about; but fans refer to a shocking introduction or tragic start in the world of "extreme" or "hardcore" porn, as a "Maya Mason".

In the scene Max Hardcore is gagging her with his pe#is when he stops "Face F#cki*ng" her, after she has vomited all over herself (from her gag reflex being triggered or having his c@ck crammed pass the back of her tongue pass her gag tolerance). Then Max can clearly be seen straining, although her eyes are covered in vomit and mucous; from her puking with her head held back. When without warning he jabs or pushes his semi-erect p*n!s deep down her throat and begins to urinate, but Maya chokes and has his urine coming out of her nose when seemingly surprised she jerks away and fights back a little before breaking down & crying. As some of the camera guys are seen walking away or turning their cameras off, one camera continues to film; and she's clearly heard saying through the tears that she didn't think that he would actually pee or urinate into her mouth... The whole scene stops and Max ask her if she's going to continue or finish the scene.
I believe it was one of her first "extreme" scenes. (Although she seems to have worked with Max before looking at the production dates). Perhaps she didn't know about Max Hardcore’s reputation or had never heard of his old series Pi$s Gu%zlers (before he was brought up on charges of indecency, that he beat although he discontinued that series). She seems to have thought that the urine would be fake, or edited to look a certain way, or done with some type of trickery or illusion.

In order to make a long description short I'll just say that out of the several girls I've seen take a whooping from Max Hardcore this is probably the only African American girl that I've ever seen debased like this on film.

The scene in question is still available for viewing almost everywhere and the EU (European) version includes bonus footage banned from the retail version in the US.

Now when some new porn starlet is introduced feet first into "Hardcore" or "extreme" porn in some extreme scene it's known or referred to as a "Maya Mason".
Girls considering making some quick cash in an "extreme" or "Hardcore" porn scene should always read the fine print. They should also find out who’ll they’ll be working with and what they’ll be required to do; to avoid ending up in a "Maya Mason".

When talking about fellow porn starlet Japan aka Misty Mason, we say at least she never had a "Maya Mason".
by Albert Silverstein February 16, 2008
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