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Ohio rapper with an amazing lyrical ability to crush M.C.'s without using profanity to express emotion. While producing the Music Solution & representing the heart of the Midwest, Ohio's own, Mike Mosley a.k.a. MaD MaXxx arrives to the entertainment scene armed and ready for success. The Akron native is the President of Operations, Audio Engineer, Webmaster, Talent Scout, Radio DJ, Program Director, Graphic Designer, Producer, and the lead performer for M3 Records with a B.A. in Media Production & a minor in Pre Law. MaD MaXxx is also the founder of the internationally syndicated Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show radio program featuring major indie artists, poetry, celebrity news, and comedic relief. In 1997, although having no musical training, Michael began designing instrumental mixes and thought provoking lyrics on his laptop and thus developed his own unique eclectic arrangements. Michael attended Kent State University pursuing a degree in Mass Communication. Chance encounters with other aspiring artists helped to consummate his rare style without using profanity.

After almost losing his life in a random accident in 1996, Michael’s creative expressions began blossoming into original musical compositions where he employed a variety of instruments such as Pianos, Basses, Guitars, Percussions, Strings, Flutes and many other synthesized sounds in his complex musical schemes. After gaining the confidence of the people, the first album, No Compromise- Losing Contact, Tracks of My Peers was recorded at EHB studios in 2001 on which Michael, aka, MaD MaXxx performs all vocals and producing all the tracks. Michael and his independent label (Millennium Music Mission Records) continue to market and promote their ideas through what they term as The Music Solution.

M3 Records promotes the music of any individual from any genre. The label present fireworks specializing in professional audio production as well as marketing, graphic and website design. MaXxx is the army of the label. He executes and oversees most of the departmental duties. His internationally syndicated Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show radio program show. The beat goes on, and the story behind the music continues.
Maxheat is a beast in audio production.
by MaD MaXxx June 09, 2009
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