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Exceptionally gifted DJ who is a Warlock on the Turntables full of swag, charisma, levitation skills and cash money. His DJ sets include bangers and electro house mashups.
Dude: "Ayo Max Bangz show last night was on smash"

Bro: "My face was melted and It was glorious?"

Homie: "I never did this before"
by Max Bangz October 22, 2012
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Dope DJ coming out of Boston that likes to blow peoples mind with electronic euphoria and penetrating bass
Bro: "Yo my dude did you see go out last night Max Bangz blew my mind; I was chillin on a xanny bar and a few brews and he was destroying the party playing shit I never even heard before, I was having so much fun I blacked out and when I came to I was in a bed with seven of the finest bitches each from a different country in a gigantic Mansion at an undisclosed location and they were all loving it"

Dude: "Yea bro he's a legend I'm trying to go see him when he plays next"
by straightbanga October 09, 2012
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