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Can be both a person or used as a general insult:

As a person: "Look its Meatball Matty"
As insult: "What a Meatball"

Use below list to identify:

1) A person that is all about meat

2) May require the meatbeater

3) Most properly the meatyest chud in the EU

4) Know for missing big events to take home some meat (E.G.) Lethal Bizzle

5) Only drinks Corona

6) Dislikes being a Meatball

7) Likely to miss the last night of a holiday for meat

8) Option of Halal Meatball

9) Always reem

10) Lush thick beard and chest hair

11) Best looking in hometown
"Meatball Matty" shouts Jack

"I'm not even meatball" replys the Meatball in question


"Hey thats the guy who missed Lethal Bizzle to take home a girl" Ross exclaims

"I know! Classic Matty Meatball" replys Harry
by LittlePawsCat September 19, 2014
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