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the most amazing and beautiful creature to have ever walked this planet. he is nicknamed "Murph" but his full name is Matthew Edward Murphy. he is a genius, prodigy and can play several instruments including guitar, piano, synth, and he is also a fantastic singer, and writes the best songs. he is known for being the frontman in the indie-ish band The Wombats, and also for his wild hair. he is from Liverpool and was born on July 23rd, 1984. he graduated from LIPA and sort of recently ditched his anti-depressant addiction. he is also a huge fan of hummus, beer, and cigarettes; his favorite song is Wichita Lineman.
omg did you see that guy's awesome, outrageous hair? kind of reminds me of Matthew Murphy.
by yeahyehzxcvbnm January 05, 2012
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