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The leader of an unstoppable force, known as the G-Force. He has many superpowers such as transportation and is known to appear in your mums bedroom, have sexual relations with her and then make mum jokes to your face.
If you see this man be aware. He has been known to give random insults to the innocent and vulnerable people of society. When you feel like you are under a G attack, your brain will begin to feel like it will fry due to the knowledge of being inferior to an audio-graphical memory. You will cry in envy knowing you will never have the power to woo a woman with the power of rave; You will wish you had the ninja skills to climb through windows. Most of all he will steal your MANHOOD. He is an unstoppable force; a pimp who has many identities, living with his secret lovers who he meets on Facebook. All you can do is hope you don't run into the madman or you will fall under the wrath of his steel balls!! Matthew Nelson! The JUGGERNAUT!
by A SPY IN G-FORCE!! December 10, 2009
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