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A man's name. Generally a person with a cocky personality, who looks down on others. He is mean to girls and to guys. He has very few close friends. Constantly getting into trouble, a Matthais is somebody to avoid! They will break more bones from sport in a month then you do in a lifetime, sometimes other people's bones. Matthais's are bullies and are not the kind of person you want to be associated with.
John: Did you hear? A guy broke Fin's collar bone playing Football, when he dump-tackled him full power into the ground!
David: Was it a Matthais?
Henry: Probably...
by TheRightAnswer September 20, 2012
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A malay gangster who speaks thai and tends to go for regular muaythai sessions in between lunch breaks during work
You go bkk again? Mat Thai sia.
Mat Thai: Ah bang today relac ar corner already want going muaythai
by AhBangGas August 16, 2018
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