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The biggest dumbass in the visible universe. This nigga is also a pussy and fights smaller niggas,he also puts yellow cake in his blunts and juul. This causes him to act even more retarded and arrogant. He always using excuses to cover his dodo covered tracks.
Nigga 2 is bullying and trying to fight a 2 month year old infant for his 200th cousin accidentally bumping into him in a crowded hallway
Nigga 1:"yo what are you doing"
Nigga 2:" bro, do make fun of me, im suicidal"
Nigga 1"you acting like a matt cry rn bruh"
Nigga 2:"Oh shit, you right"
*Nigga 2 dies instantly, coughing blood in the process*
by Dawndolphin June 07, 2018
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