The female genital. Vagina. Mostly used as slang.
{Origin: Meiteilon, a native North-East India language (Manipur)}
Man, I want some mathu!

pussy vagina cunt twat
by deemonzo October 25, 2009
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Usually has a big and when I mean big I mean a big cock. People with the name mathus are sex driven are the masters at suducing women. But Mathus ain’t homo and will never will be. In the wild there has never been a homo mathus. These are elusvise creatures that will rape and attack and steal your girl.
The Mathus has a big dick.

Mathus made your mom extra wet.

Your girl and Mathus were caught doing the deed.
by James Madison IIII September 23, 2018
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Mathu is a boy that is very respectful and friendly. He has a friend named Werty The Mean. Mathu is savage. He is going to be rich in the future.
That boy’s name is Mathu
by Werty The Mean January 05, 2018
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