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A japanese anime series that is absolutely wonderful, but watched by almost no one, since most people prefer shit like Naruto. Anyhow, this is an anime based on Norse Mytholody, about the god Loki who is banished to Earth in a child's body. There he opens the Enjaku Detective Agency with his lovely assistant, Yamino Ryuusuke, to do what he can to return to the heavens.
List of characters:
.Loki (main character, owner of the Enjaku Detective Agency)
.Yamino Ryusuke (Midgardsormr, Loki's son who, on earth, is in the form of a tall, beautiful butler)
.Mayura Daidouji (Paranormal-obsessed 17 year old girl who hangs around Loki and Yamino's place constantly)
.Narugami Thor (The god of thunder, on Earth, is in the form of a young man who has a new part-time job about every episode.)
.Heimdall (On Earth, he takes the form of a young boy, like Loki/An enemy of Loki's)
.Frey (A dashing young man who comes to Earth to kill Loki, but soon drops the job and spends a lot of time enjoying some of life's simple pleasures)
.Koutaro Kakinouchi (A hot, human boy who attends Mayura's school. A bit of a womanizer, and thinks highly of himself due to how rich his family is. Owns many businesses and corporations)
.Reiya Oshima (A young, sweet little girl who is in love with Loki/Actually Freiya, goddess of love)
.Freiya (The goddess of love, A tall blonde woman who is desperate for Loki's love, even despite his altered state)
.The Norns (Three goddess sisters who are ordered by Odin to assassinate Loki.
.Fenrir (Loki's son, the older sibling of Midgardsormr, who takes the form of a small black puppy on Earth.)
.Hel (Loki's daughter, goddess of the underworld. She becomes determined to murder her father.)

"...a great blend if brilliant animation, Norse Mythology and fun characters..."
-Monsters and Critics

"...a tantalizing mix of fantasy, comedy and supernatural sleuthing."
Good Anime fans should watch Matantei Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
by Bailey B. December 26, 2008
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