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Musudur is the epic legendary Infomation Systems teacher who is feature in the game: Masudur Ramahman & the mysteries of computer. You play as the big man Masudur going through a world of which no one knows what computer is. When you go into battle the special moves are "what is Computer?", in which if the foe doesn't know what is computer Musudur will rage out in anger and throw computer monitor or computer tower at you with unmeasurable ammount of force. His other special move is "What is RAM?", if the foe does not know RAM, Masudur will grasp his hips and use his Modern Warfare 2 or Modern Warfare 3 ( Just Like The MW Throwing Knife ) like skills to throw RAM Blocks at the Foe ( Can be used as a double critical hit 60% of the time )
Wild Dumb Little 17 Year Old College Student Appeared !

Go Masudur !

Dumb Little 17 Year Old College Student Used Confusion Of Assignment. ( Asks Musudur For Help )

Masudur Is Now In Confussion With His Assignment.

Masudur Uses "What is Computer?"

Dumb Little 17 Year Old College Student is stunned with the question. (Does not know What Computer Is..."

( Masudur rages out and throws computer towers and monitors till he beats the kid down to death )

Masudur Wins
5446XP Gained

Masudur Reaches Level 200 !
by Lolatron March 02, 2012
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