1. A name originated from African and Arab culture meaning fortunate and happy.
2. A person with this name is really really really awesome and also yea theyre awesome. Oh and did I mention they look good 22 so they are the whole package. =
3 .Used to describe a fellow classmate of supernatural abilities think of cross between the class genius, school jock and a ladies man all rolled into one single creature. Again has the ability to instill an inferiority complex to all those around them. Guys with this name are great and really worth getting to know, not to mention that they're really handsome too.
girl 1: Heyy who's thatt and What's his name?

girl 2: Masud

girl 1: OH MY, im gonna go talk to him.
by hanaaaaaa January 06, 2009
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a computer addicted pakistani, with an awesome haircut, and a brutal tendency to repel the female human

the Yousef masud is known for its short vocabulary and only knows the word "epic"
Yousef Masud : " ITS EPIC!!!!!!!"
by CKUST!~!! ePIC EPIC EPIC! November 23, 2010
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