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When masturbating interferes with social life. One may blow off friends, girlfriends and events to stay at home and jerk it, giving the impression that said friends are unimportant.

Potential consequences: tension between friends, getting dumped, missing out on good times.
Guy 1: Hey man, is Luke coming over?

Guy 2: Nah, I called him, he's too busy jerkin it.

Guy 1: Wow, this is the fourth time his masturference has gotten in the way. Screw that son of a bitch, we'll pick up chicks without him.
Girl 1: So how's your relationship with Luke?

Girl 2: His masturference is starting to put a serious strain on our relationship. He blows me off all the time and it's pathetic. I'm going to dump him tomorrow.
by dreamthinker April 07, 2013
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