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A portmanteau of the words 'masturbate' & 'lurk'

The classic masturblurker is mentally disturbed and socially inept, a failure in all walks of life who turns to the internet to seek human connection due to an inability to connect with people in the real world

Binding themselves to a computer, the masturblurker develops unhealthy obsessions towards certain netizens - whether they be members of forums, gamers from MMORPGs, posters of classified ads or book critics

The masturblurker, while seemingly normal in the beginning, soon engages in conduct that is universally derided and shunned by those around them

Due to possible mental retardation, repression of a once recessive Asperger's Syndrome or a derangement of some form, the masturblurker, unable to cope with the ridicule & scorn, begins to lash out

The masturblurker's emotional well being begins to waver and signs of senility, uncontrollable rage, drunkenness, dissociative behavior and debilitating psychosis become apparent

The masturblurker then resorts to classic obsessive behavior including but not limited to - cyberstalking, PMs with threats of sexual/physical violence, creating new IDs to further harass victims, and carries out a nonstop vigil, lurking in wait for victims to come online so as to further masturblurk them

The masturblurker often feigns ignorance with regards to their masturblurking but will inevitably be unable to hide the truth because of the strong stench of failure that lingers with them
'I got into an argument with this guy online recently and he's been masturblurking me ever since'

'Why are you looking through that person's facebook and myspace pages? Stop being such a masturblurker'

'mmmmmm'blurk....blurk blurk....mmmm'blurk'
by robertfail March 30, 2010
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