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This is the situation in which someone has been purposefully locked out of his/her room, because that person's roommate wants to masturbate in peace. The word is composed by sticking together masturbation and exiled. The word is also related to the concept of being sexiled.
Sarah- Hi Johnny, what are you doing out in the hallway at this hour?
Johnny - I've been masturbexiled...
Sarah - Oh, ok... what is that?
Johnny - Well... uhm... he is...uhm...
Sarah - He is what?
Johnny - Well there are many ways to say it: spanking the monkey, chocking the chicken, beating/jerking/jacking/whacking/wanking off, circle jerking it, bashing the bishop, playing pocket pool... to name a few
Sarah - Ok, ok, i got it!
by Gheo September 17, 2008
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