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Mastermeda is apart from the council of deity and creators. Mastermeda is the Co-Creator of the world and is obliged to help the ruler of their Ulcenutnay Kianfedaem. A total of 214 Ulcenutnay Kianfedaems were created either forcefully,Semi co-exsistant Platunaes or singly.Mastermeda's presence also rarely creates a reaction to a medal which is also known in Ulangutanet langugage,Meda.This medal is able to store the records of the user and its being used widely and is easily re-created. One of the most famous Mastermeda possesser's is Asakura. Mastermeda is also used as a term to describe how mighty and
powerful a person is. It can also be used as a nickname. It is also used when praying by people who believe in the Fucenligikaku.
I am strong and mighty, people call me Mastermeda.
Lets go to the temple of Mastermeda and give our prayers to him.
That person is as strong as Mastermeda!!
by Mastermeda September 05, 2006
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