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A versatile word, generally used to describe the following:

1. Master of all things kink related.

2. A total Bad Ass who is extraordinarily well endowed.

3. Super-humanly good in bed.

4. The direct cause of semi-permanent ear damage known as CSE (Cock Sucker Ear). Often associated with the vigorous assault of a female throat by a colossal sized penis during an aggressive act of throat fucking.

Also related to "Swallow it again!!"
When entering the BDSM community, a neophyte should always seek out a MasterOfOMGs for the ultimate experience.

"Girl, His junk was so BIG, I didn't know if I could handle a MasterOfOMGs like that!"

"Gary is a total MasterOfOMGs"

I went to the doctor and they said I have a MasterOfOMGs related case of CSE. Hope it heals one day... Good thing I have another ear!
by lyla_SM July 27, 2010
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