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A trivial argument based in little more than the semantics or language used to formulate the argument.

NOTE: Despite the simple nature of said argument, the debate can often grow so passionate that everyone not involved leaves the room to go watch the movie somewhere else.
Come on guys, this is just turning into a Master-And-Commander Debate.

Take your Master-And-Commander Debate somewhere else!

Here they go again with a Master-And-Commander Debate...


A- "Can you imagine being him? They just cut the rope and left him out to sea. Would you just cling to the mast for dear life? I mean, wouldn't you just let go of it and swim as fast as you could towards the ship?"

B- "Haha, no. I would swim after it."

A- "You mean, 'YES, I would swim after it.'"

B- "No... I mean 'NO, I would swim after it.' As in 'No, I wouldn't just cling to the mast.'"

A- "But that's not the question I asked. I..."

(Argument goes on for 15 minutes, everyone leaves)

C- "So who did you guys decide was right?"

A- "We agreed to disagree."

B- "No we didn't."

A- "We didn't? What, did we conclude I was right?"

B- "Well I assumed that's the only way we would end it."

A- "No. We just eventually dropped it. Thus, we agreed to disagree."

B- "Dropping something doesn't necessarily mean 'Agree to disagree.'"

A- "Yes it does!"

B- "No..."

(Argument goes on for 15 minutes, everyone leaves)
by C0mfortablyNumb February 01, 2011
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