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The last stroke of a gentleman's little fella that pushes him beyond the point of no return.

In general the technique of building one's self up so that one final stroke let's all hell break loose!
"Hey guys watch out, Eddie has been perfecting the Master Stroke!

One more brush of his crotch and he's going to spaff everywhere."
by Torchos January 12, 2012
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wanking, the last few strokes of your cock before you blow all over the wall.. huge
What master strokes!I was wanking away thinking about Hugh Jackman. I just blew my load all over the bedroom wall. It went so far it missed my face!
by goosenard June 30, 2006
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An act by PM Narendra Modi, real or imaginary, that gives his bhakts extreme erotic pleasure leading to a collective orgasm, and which acts as a short-term remedy for their acute depression.

P.S. - This is copyright protected. ;)
In a master stroke against black money, Modi announces demonetization.
by Nilim January 05, 2017
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