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A Bangladeshi gangster. A Bangladeshi guy with a really badly souped up Toyota who tries and acts gangster. Mastaans learn their ways by watching western films. You can find them, wearing long baggy jeans, shirts down to their knees, boxers showing, with cigarettes in their mouths and trying to impress every hot girl they see. At midnight and beyond, you will see them racing their modified Japanese cars with fake neon lights and ugly sport rims.
Mastaan- 'Yo hot mama, you wanna roll with me and all my homeees?"

Lady- "Uff... What a Mastaan!"

Mastaan- "Yo nigga, like my ride? A 2003 Toyota Corolla biiitch!"

Guy(To another guy)- Haha look at that guy trying to be all gangsta'! What a mastaan!
by MASTAANMAN003 June 18, 2009
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