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1: We may be lost but we're makin' good time!

2: Anyone from MASS who likes gettin dirty in the garage, Make their own parts, Do their own work and putting together any type of death trap that can sling them down the road in a dangerous fashion and a high rate of speed.-eg. motorcycles, hot rods, minibikes, lead sleds,a fuckin moped,ect..

3: Would rather party in the garage than watch T.V. in the house.

4: Fuck Cunts!

5: Fuck ya if you can't take a joke!
Holly shit! Those Masshole Moto dudes just ripped though here on they're scoots, did some burn out's drank all the beer and picked up all the chicks.

Them fellas at Masshole Moto can build some sick shit!
by El P. November 21, 2011
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