An angry and judgemental individual who, not content with spending their waking hours covering half their face with dirty bit of cloth, insist that others do likewise. The sight of seeing the full human face as nature intended is apt to send the Mask Nazi into an incandescent rage, eliciting a verbal tirade of such epithets as 'covidiot' or 'anti-vaxxer'. The fact that the non-Mask Nazi may be exempt, or chooses not to wear a mask for other reasons, does not cross the Mask Nazi's tiny mind, nor does the fact that there is still no firm evidence for the effectiveness of masks in preventing covid spread.
Sue: I was in the supermarket without a mask and some angry hate-filled Mask Nazi screamed at me that I was killing the elderly.
Bob: Gosh... aren't Mask Nazis the worst?
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A person who has so little going on in their lives that they micro monitor other people who are not wearing masks in an environment where they have no authority over others. This group typically applies to teenage white girls, (Big L) Liberals, Soy-boys, and other sheeple.
Mask Nazi* pUt On YuOr MaSk YoUr SpEaDiNg CoViD-19!

A person with common sense* Shut up, quit being a Mask Nazi
by Not_a_Fox May 25, 2021
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Someone who thinks everyone should wear a mask at all times, with no exceptions. You can't even eat or drink around a mask nazi, they will flip the fuck out if you do. They confront those who are not wearing masks (even if masks aren't required). Masks Nazis will harass, sometimes even attack those not wearing masks.
Mask Nazi: You must wear a mask at all times! No exceptions! No eating or drinking allowed because that requires the mask to be taken off!
Everyone else: Ok Mask Nazi!
by ZenderManIsADiscoKiller August 31, 2020
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A person who freaks out when you are not wearing your mask. Even if you take it off for 5 seconds they will freak out and call you a murder.
mask nazi: PuT oN YoUr MaSK NoW. me: shut up mask nazi.
by epicmagaman August 6, 2021
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