A nasty fart bomb dropped in a densely packed room. Customarily, after the Martini bar is planted, the perpetrator retreats to a practical vantage point to view the resulting chaos.
Steven was at the club last night and pulled a wicked Martini bar and laughed as he watched people squirm from the DJ booth.
by Johnson Thomas February 26, 2011
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a douchbag martini bar is a bar that takes over a neighborhood watering hole.it is filled with homos and yuppies who think they are hip for paying 45 dollars for a shitty drink. it is often the target of a brick through the window by locals. the talk inside the bar usually consists of how to rename a neighborhood into something faggy like SoWa or SoHa and how big someones dick is(usually reserved for the gays who patronize the bar)
Fransisco-lets go to the new trendy bar that just oppened up in SoGay

John-ok but dont forget your manpurse like you did last time

normal guy walking by- you faggots accuatly like those douchbag martini bars you can get the same dirnk for 30 dollars cheaper....dick heads
by meecrob69 March 11, 2006
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