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a school in Stuart, FL. aka "county". Its built on a landfill. it consists of surfers/potheads and rednecks, and wannabe preps. the staff ride around on shitty golf carts. there is a random concrete square "the stage" in a field that the seniors get to paint. yay. the 12 black people at our school hang out by metal rails called "the monkey bars" and the other minorities gather outside the drafting room. all the surfer/potheads are too late to hang out anywhere in the mornings. the majority of fights are race wars. one time the school tried to ban camo and the rebel flag. The last time an administrator tried to break up a Black girl fight, he had to go to the hospital. if you went to mchs prior to 2009, you at some point:
*snuck off for off-campus lunch guat-packed into one of the many monster trucks populating campus.
*ate at Anna's at least 3 times a week.
*got to go on field trips to the firing range and ride along with cops.
*took pre-calc or sat prep with the most awesome teacher ever.
*had that teacher either throw something that belonged to you across the room, publicly humiliate you, or tell you "you can sleep when you're dead".
*wanted to kill yourself senior year after seeing the 4900th episode of "on the prowl"
*skipped 3&4th block after the security guards left the back gate open after A lunch.
*were convinced that the ESE kids were used for slave labor.
*got a speeding ticket on campus for going 11 mph.
john:do you go to sfhs or jbhs?
bob: hellllll no fuck those schools, i go to martin county high school!
by 7722222222222222 July 27, 2010
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