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A beautiful girl who has so much to offer the world. She has the best smile yet so much hurt under the surface. She has a few flaws but there easy to get past once you know the real her. She seems so mean but that's because she takes no mess from any one. She is lovevly and anyone would be lucky to have her. Once she's comfortable enough she will open up and tell you every thing. It's hard for her to love but when she does she loves hard. Marsiyah only put her trust in few and if she tells you she loves you SHE MEANS IT!! Never leave her. Keep her close because she will have a huge impact on your life one day.
"Wow marsiyah is a real keeper"
"Hey I date an girl named marsiyah"
"Be patient man keep her close"
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by MadloveABC123 May 25, 2017
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