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A marshpit is something that All time lows Alex gaskarth (lead singer) and Jack barakat (lead guitar) invented during a concert. They used the word 'Marshpit 'to describe a one man moshpit which was rather pointless.
Guy one: Hey was you at that atl concert the other night?
guy two: yeah it was amazing right?
guy one: yeah, did you see that idiot who was in a moshpit on his own?
guy two: yeah, pointless really. The band laughed at him and called it a marshpit!
by Thisguyknowshischeese September 06, 2011
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An unbelievably violent mix of full contact martial arts amongst many persons, often to the sounds of metal music, in many variations.
The name is taken from "martial arts" and "mosh pit." In actuality, a circle of violent individuals trained to fight, beating each other down to the rhythm of screaming metal. Otherwise known as "Stay the fuck out if you can't handle pain."
There were four deaths today in the marsh pit. Eight injuries, being three broken legs, four cracked hips, and one dislocated shoulder.
by LukaVaka April 13, 2013
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