1) A phrase that refers to a game that has been taken over by UNC point guard Kendall Marshall.

2) A phrase referring to UNC point guard Kendall Marshall in general.
1) Did you see that pass, looks like Marshall Law has been instituted in Chapel Hill tonight.

2) Marshall Law is playing a great game tonight.
by AT-UNC March 19, 2011
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He is a martial artist from Tekken series. Marshall Law was a successful businessman - he managed a newly established dojo and even owned a nationwide Chinese fast food chain called Marshall China. Unfortunately, he lost a franchise war against a competitor and had to declare bankruptcy a year later. Unable to deal with his failure, Marshall fell into depression and spent his days at home in a drunken haze. Then one day, a notice for the Tournament arrived at his doorstep. Marshall’s eyes flashed with renewed vigor. After a month of intense training, he beat himself back into top physical form. Something ignited a fire within Marshall. “This is it,” he said to himself, “I must place everything on the line for this Tournament and win!” The fire within raged hotter than ever before.
by Samurai Katsu October 15, 2003
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When your Manager gives you the authority to do something at work that should be only be done at the management level. Typically done when management is short staffed or they just don't give a damn about company standards/policies in regards to employment.
Manager: I need you to do a couple of things I was supposed to do.
Employee: Don't I have to be a manager to do that?
Manager: It doesn't matter, I have declared Marshall Law.
by Aaronundead December 9, 2015
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When a girl is sitting on your face ( while you're eating her out) & she reaches back & uses your dick like a handle then you spin her around to 69
I established Marshall Law on this dude, now he wants to marry me.
by StickyCM June 26, 2017
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