An expression for something so amazing. Can't be used for something that is just awesome but something AMAZING!
OMG Ciaran that's like so marrot
Oh I know it's got me all cango!
by Livvylx November 10, 2012
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The term "Marrot" encompasses and combines two terms: Materialist and Parrot. "Marrot"= Materialist Parrot. The "Marrot" ( Materialist Parrot) refers to a person who staunchly believes that the material world is all that exist, or ever can exist, despite the philosophical and logical problems this may cause from an epistemological position ( problems of verificationism and problems of induction) multiple logical non-sequitors ( i.e. I like to do drugs, therefore the Deity does not exist), and confusions between ontology ( the reality of X) and mental states ( by beliefs or desires about X), hence diving into fundamental philosophical category errors. The Marrot, as the name implies merely "parrots" out quips to defend his position, which is not defense at all ( such as saying the word "science" 7000 times over and over, yelling "Skydaddy", and "Flying Spaghetti Monster" when all else fails in debate. The Marrot often makes strawmen, misrepresents his opponents positions either deliberately, or unintentionally, attacks his opponents person ( you are stupid if you don't agree with me, etc. . ), and continues to barely tread water in a sea of logical fallacies, all the time continuing to parrot quips like "Bazinga" and "Evolution" and "Science says" ( fallacy of reification). A Materialist Parrot - "Marrot"
Philosopher- If we assume a chain of causality, we regress back to an uncaused terminus, that must have some sort of intentional, to begin the chain! Marrot: Science, Science, Science, you Uneducated Evolution Flying Spaghetti Monster!
by JeannesBigBum May 12, 2021
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