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When two or more persons engage in frequent Marijuana-Smoking relationship. It is the incorporation of 'Marriage' and 'Marijuana', thus naming it ' A Marrijuanage'.

It has has the all the aspects of a real marriage i.e.
'The Pollenmoon Period' - You learn each others traits by discovering how much Marijuana to put into a joint or spliff (Much like sugar / milk in a coffee)

Similar to a real marriage, it will develop and flourish over time. It blossoms into a deeper, stronger relationship with each other by eventually knowing: Tolerance, Rolling Style, Roach Side, Smoking and Rolling ability.

If it is a true Marrijuanage, the partners will often have a joint bank account to pay dealer(s) (Much like paying bills together) Depending on the strength of the Marrijuanage, some partnerships may bicker on who makes the next joint (Much like "You are cooking tonight") or sometimes even the quality of the rolling (Much like "That was shit oral")
Nat said "Sam and I have been in a Marrijuanage for just under a decade"

"Next year will be our 'Aluminium Marrijuanage Anniversary'"
by SAMNAT March 24, 2012
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