A man of profound qualities. Some might say his best is his wondrous monstercock that has probably been in the dreams of countless women, and possibly men. He has such a perfect body, it must be contained in clothing as to prevent spontaneous orgasms from innocent bystanders. Only the luckiest of women get to meet his gaze, and when they do, they are in eternal sexual bliss.
Marquece just made me cream my pants because he winked at me.
by OrgasmicFury February 13, 2014
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Marquece is a cute guy who’s height falls between 5’4 - 5’8 , has a heart of gold and a beautiful smile. Marquece is a person you don’t want to lose, he is very missable and is the biggest freak always horny and he’s a addict when it comes to eating pussy just know he will have you stuck. Marquece is the best person you would ever meet. He is very smart but has a short temper and he’s a sarcastic asshole but he’s one of those guys every girl dreams of but doesn’t exist aka to good to be true. The best ones are born in February, Marquece is a person that would give you his all if you do the same and he would love you unconditionally. You don’t wanna lose this person... you will regret it. Ps: his body is amazing
Girl Marquece Is a demonic pussy eating demon he doesnt STOP
by Denny404 April 24, 2019
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