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The latest installment of Mario Kart named Mario Kart 7. The game itself has the same graphics as Mario Kart Wii. The game is really fun, and every Racing Game Fans should try it out.

The game: The game is quite addicting, and anybody could find theirselves playing the game for about 5 hours.

Communities: Communities are one of the most exciting features of Mario Kart; they are created by normal players, IGN Moderators, and even Nintendo itself. A community is a group of racers, who compete each other to win permanent points. For example, on the Let's Play community, one player has first place by collecting 2,500 points by racing.

Kart customisations: For the first time, you get to actually create your custom kart! From the standard original kart to the famous Gold Kart, from the regular tires to the Slick tires, from the Super Glider to the Gold Glider, the new kart ideas are endless!


Addiction: The game is extremely addicting, and you do not want to stay up all night, trying to beat the Mirrored Lightning Cup.

Connection: The worldwide connection is somewhat poor, for when you get ready for another race, a communication error occurs.
Gamer1: Is that the new Mario Kart?
Gamer2: Yeah! It's pretty fun!
Gamer1: WHOA!! Wait, why is there a '7' at the end of the name?
Gamer2: It's the seventh installment of the Mario Kart Series.
Gamer1: Why don't they just call it Mario Kart 3D?
Gamer2: It's also called Mario Kart 7 because of the famous Lucky 7 number, so they decided to create a new item called the Lucky 7 that lets you have all items at once.
by NiteStrike December 28, 2011
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