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Marinda is the most crazy, beautiful girl. The feeling towards herself being her down but her friends and peers always help her back up. If you were to walk in a room your eyes would go strait to her and her smile could stop the entire ocean from crashing. If you were lucky enough to even meet her she would accept you completely for who you are and help you with anything. Many guys will try and get to her but when she picks one you’ll know. The amount of love she gives to people is unconditional and her faith is strong. People named Marinda are some of the funniest people you will EVER meet! The way they can make an entire room fill with laughter is so easy to them. The name Marinda is so rare and so our the people named it. The name Marinda come from the root ocean which makes since because Marinda’s love the beach and tropic islands. The thing about her is that she never thinks of her self as beautiful but she can’t see everyone looking at her in amazement.
Who is that?

-that’s Marinda
by Jaylow May 21, 2018
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A popular dance move. You may have seen it on the childrens television show, Sesame Street. It is achieved by lifting your knees high, up and down one after the other. At the same time, lift the arm that is on the same side as the knee each time you do it. A big cheesy smile is also a must in order to achieve teh Marinda
ay that groups all doing a Marinda
by Aimee E September 07, 2008
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